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VECTOR CONTROLPoultry Ranch Inspection Reports


As a result of the discovery of the Newcastle disease in a southern California backyard poultry flock, the California Department of State Food and Agriculture (CDFA) has issued a notification to all poultry ranch owners to elevate their biosecurity measures and restrict access to their ranches – including the temporary deferral of government inspections.

The three poultry ranch owners/operators have requested that the City temporarily suspend onsite inspections of the ranches.  Based on conversations with representatives of CDFA, the City will comply with ranchers’ request.  While each Code Enforcement Officer is assigned to only inspect a single ranch in order to minimize the cross exposure to other birds, the Code Enforcement Officers also visit other residences where they may inadvertently become exposed to other birds, poultry or otherwise, which may be kept by the homeowner.  Therefore, staff recognizes the need for the ranch owners to take all the precautions necessary to protect their ranches from the disease.  The ranch owners also recognize compliance with the City’s manure management ordinance is still required.  As a result, the following actions are being taken to ensure compliance: (1) in-lieu of an onsite inspection, each ranch will provide the City with evidence that the 72 hour manure pickup has occurred as scheduled, consisting of either the manure removal log sheet signed by the truck driver or each day’s haul ticket, also provided by the driver; and (2) off premises visual inspections of the status of manure removal from various viewpoints around the ranches.

For the last several weeks the ranches have been consistently providing the haul tickets/removal logs to confirm compliance and have been informed that failure to do so will result in a citation and fine. The CDFA notice indicates that an update with regard to the potential  spread of the Newcastle disease and other issues will be provided July 1, 2018.  We look forward to a positive report.  In the meantime, the City will remain diligent in ensuring the ranches remain compliant with the manure removal requirements.