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VECTOR CONTROLManure Management

Ordinance No. 347 Requirements

  • Removal of manure from under poultry cages at least every 72 hours. (not including Federal Holidays) or more frequently if necessary to prevent larvae and pupae from completing their life cycles and emerging as adult flies.
  • Manure removed from ranch completely. No stockpiling.
  • The on-site storage of poultry manure (raw or processed) shall not exceed three days, and “thin-spreading” of raw poultry manure shall be prohibited.
  • Operable spray equipment and mechanical bait stations shall be maintained on each ranch at all times.
  • An additional method of control may be an aggressive program to establish viable populations of “beneficial” organisms within any breeding place for flies.
  • Emergency manure management procedures to be implemented when excessive fly breeding has not been brought under control within the initial two (2) day Notice of Violation period.

  • All poultry ranch operations shall employ the following standards for control of other fly breeding sources: Dead poultry shall be removed from poultry houses at least every two days (not including Federal Holidays); Dead poultry shall be placed in a fly-tight container or structure for the proper off-site removal. Containers and structures shall be kept clean to prevent fly breeding.  Dead poultry shall be removed from the ranch at least every two days.
  • Waste eggs shall be disposed of by one of the following methods, unless otherwise approved by the County Vector Control Program and specified in the approved annual proposal: Placed in a fly-tight container or structure and removed from the ranch at least every two days; Keep feed storage areas dry and frequently remove and properly dispose of spoiled, unused and spilled feed.
  • Download the full version of Ordinance No. 347