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PERMITSSpecial Event Permits

Except as otherwise provided by state law, no person or entity shall operate, maintain, conduct, advertise, or provide admission for any temporary special event within the City of Yucaipa without possessing a permit for each such temporary special event (Ord. No. 394).  A special event in the City of Yucaipa is defined as a “Carnival”, “Community Celebration”, or “Outdoor Festival” which includes the use of amplified sound and/or estimated attendance will equal or exceed 300 people on City or private property. Special Event Permits can be approved administratively by City management under specific limited criteria. Events that exceed those criteria will require the approval of City Council:

City Management/Administrative Approval

  • Estimated attendance 300-999 persons
  • Amplified Sound

City Council Approval

  • Estimated attendance 1000+ persons
  • Alcohol Service (excluding Community Center Banquet Room)
  • Street Closure – traffic management
  • Fee Waiver/Co-Sponsorship/In-Kind (must complete a Community Activity Grant Application)

Application Submittal Requirements

Review Process

Once the application is submitted to the Community Services Department, a provisional/tentative permit number will be issued. City staff will route the application with the Department Review Form to all applicable departments who will review the application and site plan. Once the Department Review Form is complete, City management will determine if staff can approve the permit or if City Council approval is required per Ord. No. 319.  Please call the Community Services Department at 909-790-7460 for additional information.