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PERMITSSignal Pole Banners

Banner Display, Design and Installation Guidelines

  1. Banners shall be secured by means of stainless steel straps.
  2. No holes shall be punched, drilled, or burned in any poles.
  3. All attachments shall be mounted so as to provide adequate clearance from traffic and pedestrians, and shall be secured to poles to avoid dislodging.
  4. No more than two banners shall be installed on any single pole and the total surface area of both banners shall not exceed 36 square feet at any one time.
  5. Banners for use on poles in high wind areas (90 mph) must be mounted with break-away banner supports and banners must have adequate vents.
  6. No banner shall be suspended between poles or between poles and any structure.
  7. In no event shall a banner be hung or displayed for a period of time exceeding two years for any one banner.
  8. The banner design, material and fastening mechanisms shall be subject to the approval of the City Manager or his designee prior to installation.
  9. Banners shall not display corporate trademarks, logos or other corporate identifiers.
  10. Encroachment Permits, insurance and inspections are required prior to the installation and removal of banners.
  11. Banners hung within the public right-of-way shall utilize materials of sufficient quality and strength as are necessary to ensure that they will remain in place during the approved display period, will not pose a risk to the public, and will remain in an aesthetically pleasing condition throughout the display period.