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The City of Yucaipa has 41 mobilehome parks, with approximately 4,270 spaces.  These communities provide a variety of living styles from family parks, senior parks, smaller trailer parks, to large communities with amenities.

Mobilehome living is dictated by a variety of agencies; the most frequently requested documents are listed below:

The City of Yucaipa provides a variety of services related to mobilehomes including:

  • Title 25 Inspections
  • The City of Yucaipa General Services Department, as the Local Enforcement Agency for the Mobilehome Parks Act and the Special Occupancy Parks Act of the California Health and Safety Code, and Title 25, Chapters 2 and 2.2, of the California Code of Regulations, is responsible for administering and processing the annual Mobilehome Park “Permit to Operate” program. The annual Permit to Operate renewal date for all mobilehome parks in Yucaipa is December 21, 2018.
  • Rent Control
  • Mobilehome Park Closures

Rent Control

The General Services Department implements the rent stabilization program for eligible mobilehome residents, under Yucaipa Municipal Code Yucaipa Municipal Code 15.20 (YMC), pursuant to the City Council adopted Administrative Rules.   Residents are eligible for rent control if they own their home and are not under a long-term lease.

Mobilehome Rent Control Fee

  • The fee for calendar year 2019 is $65.52 for each space that is not exempt from the YMC.  The YMC allows for one-half of the annual amount to be passed on to residents of those spaces that are subject to the YMC in twelve (12) equal monthly installments in the amount of $2.73.

Rent control limits the increase a park owner can impose to a resident once per year to the Current Annual Rent Adjustment based on the CPI.  If a park owner proposes something over the permissive rate for that year a resident may contact the General Services Department at 909-797-2489, ext. 230 or 221 for review and assistance.