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Complaints concerning excessive rents by tenants of mobilehome parks led the City Council to conduct a study of the situation in the mobilehome parks in the City. As a result of that study, staff investigation, and testimony at public hearings held by the City, the City found an extremely low vacancy rate and a pattern of excessive rent increases beginning as early as 1983, when rent control was first sought from the County Board of Supervisors for the Yucaipa area. Excessive rent was an issue in the 1986 incorporation campaign, which resulted in the filing of a petition with the Local Agency Formation Commission (“LAFCO”) on December 18, 1986 and again in the 1989 incorporation petition filed with LAFCO on March 2, 1989, which resulted in the incorporation of the City on November 27, 1989.

On January 28, 1991, the City Council of the City of Yucaipa enacted Ordinance No. 63 (amended). This ordinance established a comprehensive scheme for the regulation of space rents in mobilehome parks in the City of Yucaipa, and limits the rent increases that may be charged by park owners.

The Deputy City Manager is designated as the Rent Administrator and administers the provisions of this Ordinance. The Mobilehome Rent Review Commission reviews, hears and determines rent adjustment applications pursuant to the provisions of the Rent Stabilization Ordinance and to adjust maximum rents or maintain rents upon completion of its hearings and investigations.

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