Healthy Yucaipa


Inspiring resident health and wellness is a growing priority of many cities. In 2012, Yucaipa became one of 24 communities in San Bernardino County’s Healthy Communities Coalition. The Healthy Yucaipa Committee strives to make the City of Yucaipa a healthy place to live. We encourage residents to eat healthy, be active, and protect their mental well-being by caring for themselves.

Active Yucaipa Resident Program

The City of Yucaipa and the Healthy Yucaipa Committee are looking for healthy and active Yucaipa residents who participate in regular physical activity. Do you know someone who regularly is active and motivates others to get active and fit? The Healthy Yucaipa Committee would like to showcase these individuals throughout the year. Submit an Active Yucaipa Resident Nomination Form and they may be profiled in a story in the Yucaipa-Calimesa News Mirror, featured in an edition of the Yucaipa Now activity guide, and recognized at a City of Yucaipa Council Meeting. The Active Yucaipa Resident program is an ongoing program.

Nutrition Tip of the Month

Cut up fruits and veggies weekly and place them in small containers. This will save time and ensure you always have a healthy snack you can grab on the go.

Activity Tip of the Month

Plan vacations and outings that include physical activity for the entire family. Utilize your local parks, trails, and walkways to reduce costs associated with outings.

Self Care Tip of the Month

Studies show that those who sleep 8 hours per night have lower levels of hormones associated with weight gain. In addition, regular sleep helps improve energy levels which means you will be more likely to exercise. Promote your health and weight maintenance by getting to bed at a reasonable time.