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National Flood Insurance ProgramThe Federal Perspective

Understanding where I live and how floodplains may affect me….

Flood Maps, Insurance and Information

Link to to be directed to the Map Service Center where easily created “FIRMettes” will allow a site specific, personalized Flood Insurance Rate Map. Learn how to request a Letter of Map Amendment, Letter of Map Revision, Forms, Documents and Software, Online Tutorials, Recovery Information, including removing mold, salvage guidelines and more. The City also has a GIS map available on the City website. The map has several layers to choose from, one of which is the FEMA flood plain layer.

National Flood Insurance Program

Be FloodSmart! Learn the Basics, Find your Flood Risk, NFIP in our Community, Estimate your Premium, Find an Agent at

Understanding our Local, State and National Weather

Access to:

  • Find complete and up-to-date information including Active Weather Alerts, Warnings and Forecasts, Graphical Forecasts, National Maps, Radar, Water, Air Quality, Satellite and Climate Information, Observations, Forecast Models, and more.
  • To receive text messages by State, by Type, Severe Weather, River/Stream Gauge Information, Weather Safety. (This site also accessible at
  • To find Education and Outreach Projects. Whether you are just curious about the weather, you are an educator wanting to help your class to learn about weather and safety, want brochures, statistical information, maps and charts, and even National Weather Service Training for many types of hazards, this site will provide something for everyone!

Would you like to be a weather spotter?

With the proper equipment, you can be of service to your community by accessing, an Online Weather Reporting System. You must have on-line access in order to both receive training and access for reporting purposes.