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National Flood Insurance ProgramThe City of Yucaipa Perspective

Understanding your community’s efforts in floodplain management….

Would you like to understand the source of Yucaipa’s floodplain?

Locate your property and the potential effects of flooding. Access or the City of Yucaipa GIS website.

Would you like to know more about Yucaipa’s flood risks and how to actively mitigate this hazard?

Access the City of Yucaipa’s Hazard Mitigation Plan, describing Yucaipa’s risks, suggestions to mitigate the short- and long-term effects of flooding, stormwater management, pictures and newspaper articles describing historic floods, statistics, and more.

The California Emergency Management Agency (Cal EMA) maintains an interactive site that will profile all of your hazards. By accessing and entering your street address or just “Yucaipa, California” a map of the City of Yucaipa showing site-specific hazards will help you to determine hazard information, ways to minimize the associated risks, and emergency preparedness information that will prove helpful, no matter what the risk.

Do you believe that you may need sandbags?

Click Here for information regarding sandbags.

Would you like to know more about your community’s requirements for developing in the floodplain?

This information may be accessed via the City’s online Municipal/Development Code. You can also see how the City of Yucaipa works hard for you through the National Flood Insurance Program. The City of Yucaipa maintains complete information regarding Yucaipa’s Flood Elevation Certificates. For further information on the requirements to obtain elevation certificates, and copies of elevation certificates, please contact the City of Yucaipa Building and Safety Division at 909-797-2489.

What are Yucaipa’s current flood protection projects?

For that information and more, please access the City of Yucaipa’s Hazard Mitigation Plan.

How does the City of Yucaipa strive to maintain its drainage system?

Storm drain systems, basins and open channel sections within city jurisdiction for operation and maintenance are inspected and maintained by City crews prior to and during the rainy season. In significant storm years, private contractors have been hired to support City crews with necessary maintenance activities in emergency situations. The drainage systems are documented each year with standard inspection forms. The forms are submitted to the operation crews with items that need to be addressed prior to the upcoming storm season. In addition, all of the City catch basins that collect street drainage are cleaned out annually and documented for the City Storm Water Program’s (NPDES) annual report. The annual report is submitted to the Regional Water Quality Control Board each July. In addition, all the drainage facilities that are operated and maintained by San Bernardino County Flood Control District (SBCFCD) are maintained by them on an as-needed basis. Facilities operated and maintained by SBCFCD within the City of Yucaipa include most of Oak Glen Creek, Wilson Creek, and portions of Wildwood Creek. For questions regarding SBCFCD facilities call their general information number at 909-387-7906.