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National Flood Insurance ProgramFrequently Asked Questions

How can I protect myself and my property?

Where can I find information regarding Flood Safety? Where can I find information regarding property protection measures? Several websites provide excellent information for residents of all ages! To learn more about property protection guidelines, access Educators and school-aged children can find excellent classroom tools and fun activities by accessing

Where can I find information on how to obtain flood insurance?

The Department of Homeland Security/Federal Emergency Management Agency (DHS/FEMA) and the State of California Department of Water Resources provide the most comprehensive sources of information to obtain flood insurance.

Does the City of Yucaipa have any projects that exemplify Natural/Beneficial Functions?

The City of Yucaipa maintains a significant number of Public Institutional projects that are excellent examples of natural/beneficial functions! In fact, the City of Yucaipa has recently received two awards for its “Three Basins, Many Benefits” project located on the east side of Bryant Street, just south of Oak Glen Road.

Is the City of Yucaipa restrictive regarding development in the floodplain/Special Flood Hazard Area?

Yes. The City of Yucaipa has regulations concerning development in its floodplain/Special Flood Hazard Area. For more information contact the Building and Safety Division at 909-797-2489 extension 225.

I’ve been told that special conditions may apply to a home improvement project I am planning. Where can I find information about Substantial Improvement/Damage Requirements?

The best source of information regarding floodplain management, including “Substantial Improvement/Substantial Damage” requirements may be found at This is a home study course that provides an opportunity to learn about floodplain management, and it goes one step beyond to learn about property protection, flood mitigation activities, and other critical information for the serious homeowner or an individual who is looking for research material.

I am thinking about purchasing property that may be subject to special requirements, including the need for an Elevation Certificate. Does the City of Yucaipa maintain a database of Citywide Elevation Certificates?

Yes. For information, contact the Public Works/Engineering Division, 909-797-2489, extension 228.

What if a large flood should occur? How will I get to safety? Will I be able to get to work? How will I recognize the severity of the event?

Weather alerts are commonly announced during periods of intense storms. Accessing either or will provide you with the most up-to-date information for our area or others to which you plan on traveling. You can also request that alerts be sent to your computer or mobile phone! Apps are available for your cell phone, as well.

The City of Yucaipa maintains a Reverse 211 System. Using a geographical information system, your home phone (if it is listed) will be dialed automatically. You will be told about the nature of the emergency and given instructions on what to do. You may be asked to evacuate. If that is the case, it is best to heed that advice. Public Safety officials can do a better job of keeping you safe and your property protected if they remain unhampered to do their jobs effectively. Residents can also sign up for emergency alerts via text message and VolP at