An ID Tag could be Your Pet’s Only Chance to Get Home!

Every year thousands of animals arrive at shelters across the country without any form of identification. That means that it is up to the owner to track down the lost pet, which is often a very difficult thing to do. If an animal is brought to the shelter without any form of identification, then it is held for four to six days (depending on the hours that the shelter is open to the public) before it is placed for adoption or destroyed. However, if the pet has an ID tag with a phone number on it, then the chances are it will not be lost for long. If the animal has a tag on it then the shelter will make every attempt to contact the owner and will hold the animal for 10 days.

There are many ways that you can identify your pet. Identification tags come in all different sizes, shapes, and colors. Styles range from plastic to 14-carat gold. If you have a dog that is over four months of age then the law says that you must provide him/her with a license, which is yet another form of identification. There are also more permanent ways to ID your pet, such as the Microchip or tattooing (call your local veterinarian for details). The most important thing, of course, is to make sure that you ID your pet. Whether your animal lives indoors or outdoors, it should ALWAYS wear an ID tag because you never know what might happen. Why take the risk of losing your precious friend? Do the right thing by being a responsible pet owner –TAG YOUR PET!

For more information, please call the San Bernardino County Animal Care and Control Program at 800-472-5609.