Wildwood Canyon State Park

PARKSWildwood Canyon State Park

Wildwood Canyon State Park includes 900 acres. Ranchers and miners staked claims in the area and it was called Hog Cañon (Spanish word for canyon) until the 1920s. To protect the area from future development, the Wildland Conservancy was instrumental in the establishment of the Wildwood Canyon State Park in 2003. The Yucaipa Valley Conservancy is working with the California State Parks to add 3,500 acres to Wildwood Canyon State Park. Today, Wildwood Canyon offers recreational opportunities for hiking, bicycling, horseback riding, sightseeing, and cultural events.

Home to hundreds of species of flora and fauna, Wildwood Canyon preserves ancient oak woodlands and hosts diverse wildlife, including multiple species of birds, mice, and snakes. Mule deer and desert cottontail share Wildwood Canyon with bobcats, black bears, gray foxes, and skunks. Cougars use the canyon as a travel corridor from the San Bernardino Mountains.