Rental Applications & FeesFacility Service Credit

The Facility Service Credit Program provides for payment for the rental of a City owned facility by way of accrued volunteer credits in lieu of financial currency, with the following restrictions:

  • Volunteer group must be one of the following: a 501(c)(3) organization with current non-profit status, a government agency or a government agency affiliate group (letter from parent agency required).
  • Volunteer groups can work to earn credits toward City facility rentals fees only
  • Each hour volunteered (per person) on a City-approved project will be valued at $1.00
  • A maximum of 2 facility rentals per year per volunteer group or organization will be allowed, subject to the current reservation policies and guidelines
  • Unused credits will expire 12 months after being earned
  • Volunteer credit will only be awarded for officially sanctioned City projects, events, or activities that have been approved by City Council
  • The cost for City staff to open, monitor, and close facilities will not be waived and service credits cannot be applied to these costs
  • Credits may not be used to fulfill any security deposit requirement
  • Credits may not be used to fulfill any liability insurance requirement
  • Credits may not be used to fulfill any direct utility/lighting fee requirement

Use of accrued credits from volunteerism toward facility rental fees is intended to give volunteer groups an incentive to provide labor and resources toward the improvement of City facilities, projects and activities. Volunteer groups are required to submit a Facility Service Credit application and complete a Record of Volunteer Hours to be reviewed and audited by City staff. Upon approval of the proposed volunteer work and hours of service, staff will issue a Credit Memo from the Community Service Department’s online registration and reservation system. The group’s credit balance will remain in the system and can be used toward the reservation and subsequent use of a City facility for up to 12 months from the time of the earned credit.

Facility Service Credit Policy