Yucaipa Events


Journey through Experiences and Adventures

Throughout the year, the City of Yucaipa Community Services Department continued to provide the residents of Yucaipa the Experience and Adventure of Team Yucaipa; A Journey to a Healthier and Active Community. The Community Services Department, alongside our community partners, served as a community unification tool by providing residents with safe, family activities directed toward a healthier lifestyle. Activities such as swimming, dance classes, sports, movies in the parks, concerts and special events brought residents of all ages out of their homes and into City parks, City facilities and to the Historic Uptown, introducing them to the health benefits of recreational and leisure opportunities.

As a result, the City of Yucaipa Community Services Department utilized this opportunity to provide the residents of Yucaipa a Journey to a Healthier Community through activities to generate excitement and evoke the imagination of residents as to the adventure that awaited them at their local parks and facilities. The Team Yucaipa approach was present when City Councilmembers and local business and chamber and civic groups took part in activities that promoted a healthier and active life style through leisure and recreational opportunities such as the Farmers Market Nights and the Annual Music & Arts Festival. In conjunction with City Council’s vision and innovative programming, park and summer program participants increased and special events grew by leaps and bounds through community support.

In addition to adventure-themed programming, community participants received comprehensive program activities, featuring various local talent and opportunities for volunteerism and community participation. The programs throughout the year offered a fresh new look throughout the year – youth, adults and seniors alike were not disappointed at each event they participated in.  As such, the Community Services Department’s goal is to promote health & wellness, strengthening community image & unification, and providing recreational opportunities through people, parks, and programs. This year’s vision was achieved through innovative special events, community programming, and exciting summer activities while creating lifelong recreational & leisure experiences for all residents.