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Registration is limited, on first-come, first-served basis at

City of Yucaipa Summer Camp

If your child has a boundless supply of energy and enjoys a wide variety of activities that span from everyday sports to thrilling action-packed games, then the City of Yucaipa summer camps are a perfect fit for them. Our 9-week program is for children entering Transitional Kindergarten through 6th grades. Campers will build new friendships, make long-lasting memories, and have great experiences as days are filled with fun and laughter.

Participants will need to bring closed toed shoes, sunscreen, water, snacks, a sack lunch, and their “can-do attitudes.”  Pre-registration is required as camp space is limited and registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.
In order to register, proof of residency, a completed parent enrollment packet, and payment must be provided.
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Here are some of the precautions that will be in place for Summer 2020:

  1. We will have one camp location at the Yucaipa Community Center.
  2. We will only offer the five-day camp option.
  3. We are limiting the size of camp this year. We have cut the number of maximum participants in half.
  4. We will be increasing our staff to camper ratio.  We will have ten campers for every one counselor. Campers will be required to stay within their assigned group, each group will be determined by the age of the campers. 
  5. Each camper must bring their own bag of supplies to use during the week, so they will not be sharing communal art supplies or toys. A list of supplies will be provided to each camper upon successful registration. 
  6. Social distancing will be implemented throughout the day.  Games and activities will be structured to maintain social distancing.   
  7. Increased outside play during appropriate weather conditions. 
  8. Cleaning and sanitation practices will be increased. We will have dedicated staff for maintaining cleanliness.  Their job will be to clean and sanitize throughout the day. 
  9. All staff members will be required to wear a mask. All campers will be STRONGLY encouraged to wear a mask; however, we will not require campers to wear one. 
  10. We highly encourage parents or guardians to take their child’s temperature and complete a health check before dropping off their camper(s) at camp.  
  11. If a child develops symptoms, they will be isolated, and they will have to be picked up. There will be a strict 72-hour sick policy. If your child has a fever, they cannot return until they are 72 hours fever free without the aid of medicine, as recommended by the CDC. 
  12. We will have increased hand sanitizer stations and designated hand-washing times. All campers will be expected to practice proper hand-washing techniques. 
  13. During meals and snacks, all campers will be socially distanced from one another. 
  14. We will be limiting the number of individuals on campus. Therefore, we are developing a drive-thru pick-up and drop-off procedure. That way only campers and staff will be entering the campus. We will still require adults to show their IDs before they can take a camper home. 


For more information, please contact the Yucaipa Community Center at 909-790-7460 ext 324

Drive-In Movies

The Community Services Department is turning the Movies in the Park event into Drive-In Movies at 7th Street Park (Upper Lot). Families can preregister (link below) for each movie they would like to attend. It’s FREE! City staff will direct cars to park facing our inflatable movie screen and will provide each vehicle a special radio station to tune into the movie.
Due to social distancing guidelines space is limited. To register, click the following link and search: Drive-In Movie

The City of Yucaipa Community Services Department has created this Virtual Recreation Center to provide the community a place for fun, education, and resources.  This site will provide links to fun and educational activities for all ages including links to on-line exercise classes, art and craft activities, virtual trips, and other resources. Visit this page often or follow us on Instagram or Facebook for new updates and ideas to keep you and your loved ones active, creative, and connected! If you have a great idea or a link you’d like to share?  Let us know and send your ideas to

Bubble Party
Throw a bubble party in your backyard. Make your own bubbles recipes or add dish soap.  Bubble wands can be made out of straws, cups, fly swatters or try a more elaborate project that will give you huge bubbles.

Who doesn’t love blanket forts? Grab some chairs or couch cushions to build a secret hideaway. Add in some books and toys for children to play inside this magical place.

Homemade Instruments
Make your own musical instruments with everyday items, such as shoe boxes, Tupperware, and spoons. Have a jam session and introduce your children to musical enrichment activities. Who knows? You could inspire a future Yucaipa Performing Arts Center artist.

Movie Night  
Unwind and have a family movie night. For extra fun, turn your family room into a movie theater, with a concession stand, ushers, and movie reviews after the show is over.

Photo Stories  
Use your old magazines or old photo albums to encourage children to select a photo that inspires them.  Encourage them to write their own story based on the photo. For children who aren’t ready to write their own story, they can dictate the story to you or simply let them draw their version of the picture

Reading Fun  
A good book can take you to outer space or to another time in history. Select a book to read with your child together, and then let them become a part of that book. They can dress up like characters from the book, act out their favorite scenes, or write their own sequel. Make reading fun!

Using your children’s stuffed animals, create your own zoo.  Then take the children on an at-home tour, or even have them take the lead!  The sky’s the limit as children can also explore by seeking animals by the alphabet, starting with the letter A. Use online resources to select a continent and study the animals in that area. The children can even create a photo collage from your zoo or create one from old magazines. You can take any activity and amp it up to make it a safe, at-home adventure.

With schools beginning social distance learning, below are a list of free resources for kids and families to assist the educational goals.

Elementary; Grade Tk – 5

Middle; Grade 6 – 8

Multi-Grade Levels; TK -8

Tips with Tish:

The City of Yucaipa supports cultural arts as a way to enrich and connect our community. The Yucaipa Performing Arts Center (YPAC) is our hub for visual and performing arts and is the catalyst for arts, entertainment, programs, artists, and experiences that nourish arts and culture in Yucaipa. The YPAC strives to collaborate, create, and cultivate dynamic experiences that enrich and deepen awareness and opportunities in the arts. Please visit the YPAC’s YouTube page for arts education videos which offer opportunities to learn from home.

Click HERE to see the Yucaipa Performing Arts YouTube Page

The YPAC will continue to add content, so please follow us on Facebook or Instagram, or sign up for our e-newsletter to stay informed!

You can also find a wealth of virtual arts and culture online at the links below:

In addition, we support local artists and offer the following links that may be helpful: 

Take a virtual trip and visit the following cities:

Virtual tour of New York City

Take a virtual tour of the White House.

Virtual tour of Machu Picchu  

Virtual tour of London

Virtual tour of Rome

Virtual tour of Rio De Janeiro

Virtual Disney Rides

Take a virtual tour of the following zoos and museums:

The San Diego Zoo offers live streaming cameras that provide live views of wildlife.  Including tigers, elephants, and polar bears.

Virtual Tour of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.  Guests can enjoy exhibits on dinosaurs, mammals, and ocean life.

The Georgia Aquarium’s webpage offers live webcams of their aquatic animals including beluga whales, sea lions, and puffins.

Staying Connected to Family and Friends:

Old-Fashioned Communication:

Long-Distance Book Club
This one is ideal for the bookworms and literature students among you. If you have a group of friends or family who are always reading, you could get together and read some books you’ve been meaning to tick off your list. You could either swap lightweight books by post, or simply buy them in hard copy or on an e-Reader yourselves. Then, when you next talk to each other, you’ll have plenty to discuss.

Care Packages
The care package is typically the realm of concerned parents wanting to look after their kids while they are at college – but why should it end there? Non-perishable food, toiletries and gifts are great things for anybody to receive in the post, on any occasion.

Good, Old-Fashioned Letters
Sending letters has evolved – you only have to look at long-distance letter sending ideas on Pinterest to see that. You can really get creative with it, sending small gifts, photographs or postcards from your travels. And, while sending letters is not free of charge, a hand-written letter is so much more personal than a five-minute email.