ELECTED REPRESENTATIVESLegislation & Legislators

If you are looking for your state or federal legislator or are interested in legislation under consideration in Sacramento or Washington D.C., the following resources provide outlets to voice your opinion and provide insight on what goes into making the laws that will shape the future of the state and the nation.

U.S. Congress Legislative Information

The Library of Congress legislation collection includes records for every bill and resolution introduced in the U.S. Congress since 1973 (93rd Congress), and every amendment introduced or submitted since 1981 (97th Congress). provides various methods for accessing bill records and their associated documents, and for tracking a bill’s progress through the legislative process.

California Legislative Information

The California Legislative Information website allows you to search for bills by bill number, keyword, chapter number and others, and provides bill text, status, analysis, summaries, and floor votes. The site also provides access to floor calendars, committee hearings, California chaptered laws, and legislative publications.

California State Legislature

The Assembly and Senate websites allow you to search for legislation from recent session years by bill number, keyword, chapter number and others. Both websites broadcast regularly scheduled hearings, provide information on committee votes, and allow you to watch legislative floor sessions.

Tools for Tracking Legislation

  • Periodically check a bill’s status on the aforementioned websites;
  • Subscribe to action alerts or periodically check the websites of advocacy organizations, interest groups or trade associations that may be following the issue;
  • Subscribe to the email newsletters of the legislators who are sponsoring bills you are following or call their offices and ask if you can receive updates;
  • Sign up for newsletters (where available) – for instance you can sign up to receive email updates from certain Senate/Assembly legislative committees; and
  • Learn about the legislative process by visiting the League of California Cities website and subscribe to receive email updates for specific topics or bills.