EngineeringStandard Design Guidelines

The City of Yucaipa Standard Design Guidelines is a compilation of design guidelines, specifications, and standard drawings necessary for use in construction of public works improvements and site grading within the City of Yucaipa. The purpose of the manual is to assist Homeowners, Developers, Builders, Engineers, and Architects by providing information regarding the standard drawings, specifications, design procedures and requirements, checklists, and other information applicable to construction of public works projects and private developments within the City of Yucaipa.  Should any portion of these Standard Design Guidelines be found to be in conflict with the provisions of the City of Yucaipa Development Codes, the provision of the referenced Codes shall govern.

The manual may be subject to change. It is the responsibility of the individual(s) submitting the plans to ensure accuracy, sound design, and conformance with accepted engineering practice of all plans submitted to the City.

City of Yucaipa Standard Design Guidelines

Standards and Specifications for Parkway Tree Planting