Resources & ToolsBusiness Incubator Center

We are excited to provide you with an opportunity to lease newly renovated building space located at 34282 Yucaipa Boulevard. An Incubator Center is a combination of business development processes, infrastructure, and people and is designed to nurture new and small businesses by helping them to survive and grow through the difficult early stages of development.

Are you willing to do the following?


  •  Attend monthly meetings (at least nine per year) with peers to discuss goals, challenges, and accomplishments
  • Attend 4 workshops per year that increase business skills
  • Set 3-6 strategic goals each year and review/rate performance relative to goals each year
  • Submit a business plan within three months of entering the Program and keep it current
  • Create annual budget projections by month and track/report budget vs. actuals monthly
  • Submit a Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet at least once annually
  • Present a business overview and status report annually to the Board of Directors

The normal incubator period is for three (3) years from participant’s business launch.  At the end of this period the participant will be expected to “graduate” from the Incubator Center and move out on his or her own into an unsubsidized facility for their business.  The City will provide an adjusted rent schedule to the participant during the incubator period.