Administrative Services/FinanceRisk Management

The City of Yucaipa places great value in preventing, controlling and minimizing, to the highest extent possible, any exposure to loss, liability or financial risk to the City. The City takes extensive measures to address any issues that may become a liability for either our employees or our citizens. Safety consciousness and risk awareness for employees is of utmost importance, as they are for our citizens. The City focuses on good risk economics which balance protective measures, risk assumption and risk transfer, and proper insurance coverage requirements. Recently, the City created a Safety Committee to focus on areas of safety. The objectives of the Committee are to: investigate and review complaints concerning safety hazards; develop and implement proposed safety policies and procedures; develop safety training programs; conduct work place inspections; and serve as an accident review board to determine if the accident was preventable.

The City of Yucaipa is considered self-insured as it relates to Liability, Worker’s Compensation and Property coverage, to the extent of an established self-insured retention. The City of Yucaipa is a member of the Public Agency Risk Sharing Authority of California (PARSAC). PARSAC is a joint powers authority, consisting of over 35 California cities, created to provide “pooled” excess coverage for liability, worker’s compensation and property insurance programs for its members.

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