GOVERNMENTCity Departments

The City of Yucaipa strives to provide efficient delivery of quality public services. City Hall offices are listed to the left. Can’t find what your looking for?  The directory below contains an alphabetical listing of general information and various city services available to Yucaipa residents. If you do not see a specific service listed, please contact City Hall at 909-797-2489.  All prefixes are (909) except where indicated. For a listing of e-mail contacts, please browse to the Contact Us tab.

ZoningDevelopment Services797-2489, x250
Yucaipa Valley Water District797-5117
Yucaipa Regional Park790-3125
Yucaipa Outreach790-9374
Yucaipa Kids Club ProgramCommunity Services797-2489, x241
Yucaipa Disposal (Burrtec)797-9125
Yucaipa Community CenterCommunity Services790-7460
Yucaipa/Calimesa School District797-0174
Yucaipa Animal Placement (YAPS)790-1440
Youth Sports ProgramsCommunity Services790-7460, x24
Youth Leisure ActivitiesCommunity Services790-7460, x24
Yard Sale PermitsCommunity Development797-2489, x245
Weed AbatementSan Bernardino County800-722-3181
Web SiteGeneral Services/City Clerk797-2489, x221
WebLink (Access to Public Documents)General Services/City Clerk797-2489, x221
Western Heights Water Company790-1901
Vector Control800-442-2283
U.S. Post Office800-275-8777
Trails & Open Space CommitteeCity Committee797-2489, x221
Teen Programs & Services Community Services797-1177
Teen CenterCommunity Services797-3662
Swimming Pool (June-Aug)797-3280
Street Trees, TrimmingPublic Works797-2489, x254
Street LightsPublic Works797-2489, x228
S.T.A.R.S. After School ProgramCommunity Services797-2489, x241
Sports, YouthCommunity Services790-7460, x24
Sports, AdultCommunity Services790-7460, x30
Special Events, City ProgramsCommunity Services790-7460
So. Cal. Gas800-427-2200
So. Cal. Edison800-655-4555
South Mesa Water Company795-2401
SignsCommunity Development797-2489, x250
Senior Programs & ServicesCommunity Services797-1177
Scherer Senior CenterCommunity Services797-1177
Risk ManagementAdministrative Services797-2489, x223
Redevelopment Agency797-2489, x231
Recycling Program InformationGeneral Services/City Clerk797-2489, x221
Racquetball Court ReservationsCommunity Services790-7460
Public Works797-2489, x254
Public Records RequestGeneral Services/City Clerk797-2489, x221
Post Office800-275-8777
Police (non-emergency)Police909-918-2305
Poison Control800-777-6476
Planning CommissionCity Commission797-2489, x224
Plan Check (Structural)Development Services797-2489, x225
Plan Check (Street & Grading)Public Works797-2489, x228
PersonnelAdministrative Services797-2489, x223
PayrollAdministrative Services797-2489, x237
Parks & Recreation CommissionCity Commission790-7460, x23
Park Reservations (City Parks)Community Services790-7460, x23
Municipal CodeGeneral Services/City Clerk797-2489, x221
Mobilehome Rent StabilizationGeneral Services/City Clerk797-2489, x221
MHRR CommissionCity Commission797-2489, x221
Maintenance, StreetsPublic Works797-2489, x254
Maintenance, ParksPublic Works797-2489, x254
Maintenance, FacilitiesPublic Works797-2489, x254
LibrarySan Bernardino County790-3146
Kids Club ProgramCommunity Services797-2489, x241
Information SystemsGeneral Services/City Clerk797-2489, x221
Housing ElementDevelopment Services797-2489, x231
Gymnasium (Community Center)Community Services790-7460
General Services/City ClerkGeneral Services/City Clerk797-2489, x221
General PlanDevelopment Services797-2489, x250
Fire/Paramedics Wildwood CanyonFire Department795-3048
Fire/Paramedics Yucaipa Blvd.Fire Department797-2313
Fire/Paramedics Bryant St.Fire Department797-1000
Franchise AgreementsGeneral Services/City Clerk797-2489, x221
FinanceAdministrative Services797-2489, x282
Filming PermitCommunity Development797-2489, 247
Field Light ReservationsCommunity Services790-7460, x30
Facility ReservationsCommunity Services790-7460, x23
EngineeringEngineering797-2489, x254
Encroachment PermitsPublic Works797-2489, x228
Employment VerificationAdministrative Services797-2489, x223
Employment OpportunitiesAdministrative Services797-2489, x223
Emergency Operations PlanGeneral Services/City Clerk797-2489, x221
ElectionsGeneral Services/City Clerk797-2489, x221
EDACCity Committee797-2489, x231
Dog LicenseAdministrative Services797-2489, x227
Development ServicesDevelopment Services797-2489, x224
Development FeesDevelopment Services797-2489, x224
Development CodeDevelopment Services797-2489, x250
Construction & Demolition ReportsGeneral Services/City Clerk797-2489, x221
City Events & FestivalsCommunity Services797-1177
Community ServicesCommunity Services797-7460
Community DevelopmentCommunity Development797-2489, x224
Code Violations & ComplaintsCommunity Development797-2489, x245
Code EnforcementCommunity Development797-2489, x245
City StoreGeneral Services/City Clerk797-2489, x221
City Infrastructure ProjectsPublic Works797-2489, x228
City Manager’s OfficeCity Manager797-2489, x223
Contact Us
City Council Agendas/MinutesGeneral Services/City Clerk797-2489, x221
City CouncilCity Council797-2489
Citizen PatrolSan Bernardino County790-3175
Chamber of Commerce790-1841
Business LicenseAdministrative Services797-2489, x239
Business DevelopmentCommunity Development797-2489, x247
Building PermitsDevelopment Services797-2489, x225
Building InspectionsDevelopment Services797-2489, x500
Building & SafetyDevelopment Services797-2489, x225
Budget InformationAdministrative Services797-2489, x282
Ballfield ReservationsCommunity Services790-7460, x30
Aquatics ProgramsCommunity Services790-7460, x24
Animal Control ProgramSan Bernardino County800-472-5609
Adult Sports ProgramsCommunity Services790-7460, x30
Adult Leisure ActivitiesCommunity Services790-7460, x30
Administrative ServicesAdministrative Services797-2489, x227
Accounts ReceivableAdministrative Services797-2489, x282
Accounts PayableAdministrative Services797-2489, x238