Commissions & CommitteesAmerican Viticultural Area Planning Committee

There are different planning tools that can facilitate the orderly development wineries and ensure their compatibility, including but not limited to changes to the Development Code, a General Plan Overlay District, or a Specific Plan, or some variation thereof.  An undertaking as substantial as the development of a city-wide planning tool to support the implementation of an AVA should include input from a broad coalition of community members and stakeholders.  The City Council approved the formation of a AVA Planning Committee (AVAPC) to help focus the visioning process and to digest future city-wide community meetings, with an ultimate goal to provide recommendations on the scope of wineries within the city.

Committee Members

The Committee is composed of two (2) City Council members, two (2) members representing  the Planning Commission, one (1) member representing Trails & Open Space, one (1) member representing EDAC, one (1) member representing Yucaipa Valley Wine Alliance (YVWA), one (1) North Bench property owner (15 acres minimum land area), and three (3) members of the public at large.  You may contact the General Services/City Clerk’s Department at 909-797-2489, ext. 221 to be notified of vacancies and appointment procedures.  A list of appointive terms with the name of the incumbent appointee, the date of the appointment, the date the term expires, and the necessary qualifications for the position may be accessed by downloading the Local Appointments List

Agendas and Minutes