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Historical Background for Transitioning From At-Large to By-District Elections

In accordance with Senate Bill 493 and growing concerns about and challenges to at-large election systems throughout the State, the Yucaipa City Council transitioned from at-large elections to by-district elections for City Council seats beginning with the 2016 General Municipal Election.  A “by-district” election is a method of electing members in which each City Council Member is elected only by the voters in the district in which the candidate resides.

Council Selected Map

The Yucaipa City Council selected Draft Map C at the May 23, 2016 City Council meeting.  The map was presented at the June 13th City Council meeting as the “Council Selected Map”.   The City Council adopted Ordinance No. 348 at the June 27, 2016 City Council meeting.  Ordinance No. 348  changes the City’s electoral system from at-large to by-district elections with respect to electing City Council Members and establishes district boundaries.