Municipal ElectionsMeasure “E”

City of Yucaipa Proposed Transactions and Use Tax Ordinance of 2020

On November 25, 2019, the Yucaipa City Council voted unanimously to place a General Transactions and Use Tax on the March 3, 2020 ballot. If approved by the voters, the Measure would adopt the City of Yucaipa Transactions and Use Tax Ordinance of 2020 (the “Sales Tax Ordinance”). The Measure would increase the City’s existing sales tax rate by 0.5%, or one half of one cent, on every dollar of taxable sales of goods in the City, and on the taxable storage, use or consumption in the City of goods purchased.

Measure E Requires Fiscal Accountability and Transparency

  • Revenue would be collected by the State of California under a contract in the same way the existing sales tax is collected, and paid over to the City
  • Requires that out-of-town visitors pay for services when they visit our City
  • Would not be applied to prescription medications or food bought as groceries
  • Proceeds of the tax and the expenditure thereof would be annually audited by an independent accounting firm
  • Requires a Citizens’ Oversight Committee to be formed to review the expenditure of funds generated by this ordinance, and to provide an annual report to the City Council on those expenditures.

Measure E Documents

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