CITY COUNCILMunicipal Elections

The City of Yucaipa is a “General Law” City governed by the City Council/City Manager form of government.  A five member City Council represents the City of Yucaipa. General Municipal Elections are conducted in November of even-numbered years and are consolidated with the County of San Bernardino. Beginning with the November 2016 Election, Council Members will be elected from geographically defined districts. Please view the Interactive Map to find your voting district.

Election Information Provided by the San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters

My Elections Gateway is a new application developed by the San Bernardino County Elections Office that provides registered voters in San Bernardino County access to personalized election information.  So, now you have two ways to access election information in San Bernardino County:  (1) search the Elections Office website for the information you need, or (2) sign-in to My Elections Gateway and your information will be retrieved and presented to you!

ROV My Elections Gateway