CITY COUNCILGoals & Objectives

On March 26, 2018, City Council conducted a Study Session concerning possible short-term, mid- term and long-term goals/action items. Below is a list of the highest priority goals and objectives for the next three year period.

  1. Add funding to Rodeo/Dottie Potter Arena Cover (Capital Improvement Program-Park Facilities)
  2. Focused Crime Free Multi-Family Mobile Home Park efforts (particularly for family parks)
  3. Uptown Residential Improvement Program
  4. Add sidewalks on Avenue E, Bryant Street to 5th Street, between intersections (Capital Improvement Program-CDBG)
  5. Select a location for and design a Pickleball site
  6. Fund 50% of County Line Interchange PSR with City of Calimesa (Capital Improvement Program-Traffic Facilities)
  7. Internal/external customer service enhancement/streamline processes (Service Level Option No. 13)
  8. Extend Aquatics Facility Agreement
  9. Add funding to the Dunlap Park (Capital Improvement Program-Park Facilities)
  10. Add Community Services, I.T., and Public Works maintenance staff to reflect additional operations and maintenance efforts associated with I.T., Market Night, Festivals, Rodeo, security,
    and additional park areas and facilities (Service Level Option No. 14 for Public Works staff, defer Community Services and I.T. staff for future consideration in FY 2018/2019)
  11. Strengthen shopping cart return requirements in our policies/ordinances
  12. Wildwood Creek Specific Plan
  13. Enhance the “Keep Yucaipa Clean Program” including establishing a community committee and take over litter removal responsibilities of interchanges (especially Yucaipa Blvd.) from Caltrans (Service Level Option No. 16)
  14. Keep “Undesignated” Fund balance between $20M and $22M over next two years
  15. Add funding to Tennis Facility
  16. Add funding to Five Winds Ranch (Capital Improvement Program-Park Facilities)
  17. 13th Street Sports Complex-Perimeter Landscape, Monument Sign, Trash Enclosure (Capital Improvement Program-Park Facilities)
  18. Wildwood Park Pump Track
  19. Add funding to Yucaipa and Bryant Intersection Improvements (Capital Improvement Program-Traffic Facilities)
  20. Make significant progress in Wildwood Interchange PSR