OUR ENVIRONMENTWater, Air & Energy Resources

The availability and quality of water, air, and energy in Yucaipa is influenced by both natural conditions and human activity. Water supply and water quality are important to provide residents and visitors to Yucaipa with reliable, safe, and pure drinking water. Air quality is important to the surrounding environment, but it also has a direct impact on human health and the quality of life in Yucaipa. Energy usage is linked because the consumption of fossil fuels impacts air quality and water quality.

Water resources

Access to an adequate potable water supply is essential for the Yucaipa community. The City’s water supply comes from groundwater, surface water, recycled water, and State Water Project deliveries. Ten years ago, 95 percent of local water came from groundwater and surface waters. As of 2010, only 45 percent of the YVWD’s water comes from groundwater; 44 percent comes from imported water, 8 percent from water recycling, and 3 percent from surface water. The YVWD is responsible for planning for the sustainability of the City’s water system. In 2010, the YVWD prepared “The Integration and Preservation of Resources for a Sustainable Future” and an Urban Water Management Plan. These plans establish priorities and programs that will ensure the long-term reliability of water supplies.

Oak Glen and Wilson Creeks have historically caused devastating floods. The City completed the $6.1 million Oak Glen Creek Project in partnership with the San Bernardino County Flood Control District, Inland Empire Resource Conservation District, State Water Resources Control Board, and EPA. The project not only helps control flooding, but it improves water quality, recharges ground-water supplies, and provides trails and green spaces for the community. This project is a model of integrated watershed management practices. The quality of water is equally important to the community. The Federal Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, and other laws require public agencies to achieve and maintain water quality standards to protect public health and ensure the highest reasonable quality for waterways in California. Water providers monitor dozens of compounds that could be found in the water supply and implement programs, when needed, to ensure that water is safe and healthy.

Air Quality

Many Yucaipa residents choose to live in the community because of its good air quality. Yet even though Yucaipa is remote from more industrial communities, air pollution crosses City boundaries and requires proactive efforts by all. The City has made significant strides locally to improve air quality. In 2012, the City was selected by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) as a Clean Air Award Winner in the category of model community achievement.  The South Coast AQMD provides comprehensive air pollution control in the South Coast Air Basin, which includes Yucaipa. Yucaipa is in Source Receptor Area 35. Air quality data report that carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and sulfur dioxide levels are consistently below state and federal thresholds, and ozone and particulate matter levels regularly exceed state and/or federal thresholds. The AQMD monitors air quality, implements plans and regulations, and enforces programs to attain state and federal air quality standards.

Energy Conservation

Yucaipa has made great strides in promoting alternative forms of energy. The City’s photovoltaic solar carport canopy at the Community Park provides solar energy to the Community Center, reduces energy costs to the City, and reduces the carbon footprint of the associated facilities. This project was funded by the California Solar Initiative and other public funds.

Through partnership with local governments, the HERO program is available to residents as an affordable way to make energy efficient, water efficient, and renewable energy upgrades to your home.