Keep Yucaipa Clean


The Yucaipa City Council established a Keep Yucaipa Clean Program in 2015. The goal is to increase the community’s quality of life. No one wants to see other people’s trash!

Take ownership in your community! Remember that littering is a crime with a fine of up to $1,000. Keep your litter inside your vehicle or use trash receptacles available at City parks. Don’t throw cigarette butts out the window or drop them on the sidewalk. Secure all loads on your vehicle.  City Council reminds parents to set a good example for your children and to stash your trash. Make a difference and show you care. Don’t trash Yucaipa!

Please seriously consider being part of the team to keep our community looking pristine. Adopting a street or a park is a great opportunity to show you care, to make a difference and obtain business advertising/recognition. The City of Yucaipa provides all the necessary tools and materials for litter removal. For details, please call the Public Works Department at 909-797-2489 ext. 254.

Adopt A Park

Several volunteers have already adopted parks as part of the program. Recognition is provided for adopting the parks by signs posted at the park entrances. To date, the following parks are still available to be adopted:

  • 7th Street Park
  • 13th Street Park
  • Flag Hill Park
  • Lillian Eaton Park

Adopt A Street

Segments of the following streets are still available to be adopted:

  • Bryant Street
  • Calimesa Boulevard
  • Chapman Heights Road
  • Oak Glen Road
  • Sand Canyon Road
  • Wildwood Canyon Road

Adopt A Highway

Yucaipa partners with Caltrans in serving the City’s transportation needs.  Caltrans has an Adopt-A-Highway program in which residents or businesses can adopt segments of Interstate 10 such as a particular on or off-ramp.  The City encourages participation in this program to help improve the look of the gateways to Yucaipa. For more information and to see how you can join, go to


  • Keep Yucaipa Clean Program Council Agenda Report (coming soon)
  • Keep Yucaipa Clean Program (coming soon)
  • Adopt a Park Application Form (coming soon)
  • Adopt a Street Application Form (coming soon)
  • Volunteer Release Forms (coming soon)
  • Safety Check Forms (coming soon)
  • Adopt a Park Volunteer List – Who Adopted a Park? (coming soon)
  • Adopt a Street Volunteer List – Who Adopted a Street? (coming soon)
  • Adopt a Street Map (coming soon)
  • Help Caltrans Keep California Beautiful Commuter Alert (coming soon)