Our Community


Housing Types

The City of Yucaipa has approximately 20,000 homes as of the 2010 Census. Unlike many of its neighboring cities, single-family homes account for three of every four homes. Yucaipa’s townhomes and apartments make up 6 percent of all housing units. Unique to Yucaipa are its 42 mobile home communities, which provide one out of every five housing units. Of that total, 22 mobile home parks provide more than 2,100 units of senior housing, and 20 parks provide housing for families.


Yucaipa enjoys a high rate of homeownership: 74 percent of households are homeowners, significantly higher than in the county. Affordable homes selling from the mid $200,000 to $300,000 are in the more established areas of the City such as Dunlap Acres or Central Core. Larger lots and more expensive homes sell for an average of $400,000. Quality townhomes or planned unit developments can also be purchased from the low $200,000s to $300,000s. Custom homes in the foothills surrounding the valley can top $1,000,000.

Rental Housing

Apartments provide affordable housing options for Yucaipa families and senior citizens. Apartments rent for an average of $775 for a one-bedroom unit, $950 for a two-bedroom unit, and $1,225 for a three-bedroom unit. For newer apartments, the rent is higher. The City also implements a rent stabilization ordinance for residents living in mobile homes. Looking forward, the City of Yucaipa will continue expanding housing opportunities that are consistent with its adopted vision.