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COMMUNITY NON-PROFITSCommunity WebLink Program

The City of Yucaipa web site is a fundamental communication tool for providing information to citizens and the international community. The goal of the City of Yucaipa Web site is to encourage increased “user” participation and to create a resource tool for residents and visitors alike.  The City has adopted the following guidelines which apply to those organizations that would like to establish a link on the City’s web site.


To preserve the public nature of the City’s Web site and to avoid any perception that the City endorses or provides favorable treatment to any private person or business enterprise, the Web Link Program will only be provided to non-profit organizations which meet the following criteria:

  • Verification of Non-Profit (501C3) Status
  • Civic in nature (in the public interest, pertaining to the general public)
  • Serve the community of Yucaipa
  • Public utility organizations that have entered into a Franchise Agreement
  • Public Agencies that serve Yucaipa

Political Statements

The Web Link Program is not intended as a forum for partisan political activity. Information which appears to promote or denigrate a political party, partisan political positions, political candidates, partisan activities of political office-holders, or other such partisan political activity will not be accepted for linkage from the City of Yucaipa web site. No web page may link to any private web site related to a candidate’s campaign for elective office.

Profiting from Links to Yucaipa.org

The Web Link Program is not intended to display information from private organizations and associations of for-profit nature. Local government and its presence on the web is not intended to be a forum for various advocacy activities.

Updates to Your Web Site and Link

All agency/organizations with links from the City of Yucaipa web site are expected to maintain the most current available data and information on their web site.

City’s Rights

The City reserves the right to reject or cancel listings or links, which in its sole opinion, are:

  • Misleading or unethical
  • Contain unfounded claims
  • Inconsistent with the stated purpose of the Web Link Program


No party shall have or assert any right to advertise on or link to the City’s web site in a manner inconsistent with these guidelines or in such a manner as to discredit or jeopardize the activities of the City, its reputation or mission.


Prior to approval of having a link established, a completed application, along with submittal of your Internet address and proof of non-profit status will be required.

Community WebLink Program Application