BUILDING & SAFETYConstruction & Demolition Waste

The City of Yucaipa is committed to protecting the public health, safety, welfare, and environment.  In order to meet these goals it is necessary that the City promote the reduction of solid waste, and reduce the stream of solid waste going to landfills.  The City adopted Ordinance No. 333 establishing the Construction and Demolition Waste Diversion Program in order to strengthen that commitment and to comply with mandates of the California Integrated Waste Management Board.  Effective December 10, 2014, Ordinance No. 333 will require all non-exempt, covered projects (that require a permit) to divert a minimum of 65% of construction and demolition debris, measured in tons.

As part of any application for, and prior to the issuance of any building or demolition permit, the applicant shall pay an administrative fee of $65.00.  Additionally, the applicant shall post a security deposit at the time the permit application is filed and shall be based on occupancy type and square footage.  Finally, every applicant shall submit a properly completed Waste Management and Diversion Plan (WMP) prior to the issuance of a permit. For detailed instructions and information, please refer to the Waste Management & Diversion Guide or contact the General Services/City Clerk’s office at 909-797-2489 ext. 221 or 236.


CalGreen Building Code