GENERAL PLANHousing Element


The State of California recognizes that an adequate supply of affordable housing for all income levels is a fundamental need for all communities. To achieve that goal, it is critical that all local governments share in the responsibility of implementing solutions to address local and regional housing needs. To that end, all California local governments are required to prepare a housing element (or housing chapter of the general plan) that specifies how the community will plan for its housing needs. The detailed statutory requirements for preparing a housing element are codified in the California Government Code (sections 65580–65589). As stated therein, the housing element must contain an identification and analysis of its existing and projected housing needs; an analysis of the various governmental and nongovernmental constraints to meeting that need; and a series of goals, policies, and scheduled programs to further the development, improvement, and preservation of housing.

The Yucaipa Housing Element has six sections:

  • Chapter 1, Introduction, provides an introduction to the statutory authority and requirements for the housing element, related planning efforts, and a description of the public outreach process
  • Chapter 2, Community Profile, provides an analysis of demographic, social, and housing characteristics; current and future housing needs due to population growth and change; and other housing issues and needs
  • Chapter 3, Constraint Analysis, provides an analysis of the governmental and nongovernmental constraints that affect the development, maintenance, and improvement of housing for all income groups
  • Chapter 4, Housing Resources, provides an analysis of the available land for housing, as well as the financial resources and administrative capacity to manage housing programs.
  • Chapter 5, Program Evaluation, provides a review of accomplishments from the prior housing element, including the relevance of current goals, policies, and programs.
  • Chapter 6, Housing Plan, contains specific goals, policies, and implementation programs to address the development, improvement, and conservation of housing that will address housing needs in Yucaipa.