Aquatics Program


The City of Yucaipa is thrilled to partner with Kaiser Permanente to bring the positive benefits of learning to swim and maintaining a healthy lifestyle to the families of Yucaipa. Kaiser Permanente has granted the City of Yucaipa a $5,000 grant to fund swim lessons and family swim passes for recreational swim at 7th Street pool. The mission of Project Swim is to increase physical activity, diminish the risk of chronic disease, and build strong bodies. The program encourages all participants to become water-safe in a fun and healthy environment. To find out more about “Project Swim” call 909-797-1177.




Join us on Saturday May 10th from 11 AM to 2 PM to learn about the aquatic programs available this summer. Sign-up for swim lessons, purchase your season pass, apply for free swim lessons and recreational swim, participate in classes and watch live pool safety demonstrations.



Bring your family and enjoy a fun day at the pool. Amenities Include splash pad, shade structure with picnic tables, and lockers rooms.



May 24th – June 15th Weekends only

Pool is Open 7 days a week June 9th - August 14th

August 15th – September 1st Weekends only





Monday – Thursday

12pm to 3pm


17 years and under

$2.25 Resident

$3.25 Non-Res

Tuesday & Thursday

7pm to 9pm


18 years to 54 years

$2.75 Resident

$3.75 Non-Res

Friday – Sunday

1pm to 5pm


Seniors (55+ years)

$2.25 Resident

$3.25 Non-Res


LAP SWIM (June 9th - August 14th)

Lap swim is a low-impact exercise for swimmers of all levels . Lanes are dedicated to lap swimming in the recreational pool four days a week with lifeguard supervision at all times.

Mon-Thurs 8am -9am $3.00


AQUA AEROBICS (June 9th - August 14th)

Great for new and longtime participants of water fitness! This fun, fast-paced workout is guaranteed to get you in shape with no stress on the back or knees.

Mon-Thurs 8am -9am $3.00



Yucaipa Aquatics, in conjunction with the City of Yucaipa, is offering a Learn-to-Swim program at 7th Street pool. This program is designed for children over 4 years of age all the way up to and including adults. For more information or to register for a session please visit


Session Dates*:

Session 1: 6/9-6/19
Session 2: 6/23-7/3
Session 3: 7/7-7/17
Session 4: 7/21-7/31


Session Times: (30 Minute Sessions)

Morning - 9:00 AM, 9:40 AM, 10:20 AM & 11:00 AM
Afternoon – 3:50 PM, 4:30 PM, 5:10 PM, 5:50 PM & 6:30 PM


Level Descriptions

Parent & Child (6 months - 4 yrs):
Promotes water enrichment with activities such as kicking, bubbles, splashing, submerging with recovery, jumping in and reaching for the wall, and flotation skills. Class is done with parent or other trusted adult. Songs and games are utilized to promote a fun learning environment.


Angelfish - Level 1 (age 4+) Introduction to water skills
No previous swimming experience required, designed to help swimmers feel more comfortable and confident in and around the water. Emphasizes water safety, kicking, submerged bubble blowing and floating.


Bluefish - Level 2 (age 4+) Fundamental aquatic skills
Designed for children who can independently place their face in the water and are able to paddle/move five feet through the water. The emphasis for this level is water safety, freestyle, backstroke and water comfort.


Clownfish - Level 3 (age 4+) Stroke development
Designed for swimmers who are comfortable and confident in the water. They should be able to swim five to ten yards independently. Swimmers will practice streamlines, freestyle, backstroke, elementary backstroke and water safety.


Splashball (Cost: $30/Month)

Splashball™ is designed to introduce the sport of water polo to children 5-9 years old. The intent is to provide basic skills and understanding of the sport in a recreational format. Splashball™ harnesses all the fun, dynamic aspects of the game in a safe, easy to learn aquatic experience that will motivate kids to swim and stay fit. Fundamentals that will be taught during Splashball™ include head up freestyle, treading and eggbeater kick, catching and throwing an age appropriate water polo ball. For more information log onto

Summer Session: June 4 to July 30. Wednesdays 7:00 PMto 8:00 PM at the 7th Street Pool


Yucaipa Water Polo Club

Yucaipa Water Polo Club is dedicated to providing programs for athletes, ages 9 to 18, regardless of their experience or skill level. The Club provides young athletes with a positive, constructive environment where young men and women can achieve their highest potential. The fundamental belief of all the coaches and staff is to help each athlete take advantage of their full potential while learning the necessary skills to allow them to compete at the high school and college levels. The programs are designed by, and under the direction of, high school coaches. All the programs will participate in weekend tournaments throughout the summer session. For more information log onto

Summer Session: May 5th to July 31st