Economic Development


Yucaipa has nearly four miles of undeveloped freeway frontage along I-10. A recent Buxton Report (Market Study) has shown that there is nearly $600 million in unmet local retail sales potential. There are twelve major store types, including restaurants and “super center” stores, that have leakage rates between 20% and 80%. The City is poised to assist businesses in taking advantage of these opportunities.

This Report provides a Retail Leakage and Surplus Analysis, which examines the quantitative aspect of the community’s retail opportunities. It is a guide to understanding retail opportunities but it is not an analysis that indicates unconditional opportunities. The analysis is sometimes called “a gap analysis” or “a supply and demand analysis” and can aid in the following:

  • Indicating how well the retail needs of local residents are being met
  • Uncovering unmet demand and possible opportunities
  • Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the local retail sector
  • Measuring the difference between actual and potential retail sales

A second market analysis focusing on the Historic Uptown Business District was prepared by the Kosmont Companies.