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Who is Eligible to Participate in the Residential Façade Improvement Program?

Homeowners in the Dunlap and Greater Uptown Neighborhoods are eligible to participate in the Residential Facade Improvement Program.

What is the Residential Façade Improvement Program?

The Residential Façade Improvement Program is a matching, low-interest (2%) loan of up-to-$5,000 for eligible home buyers to improve the façade of their residential property in the Dunlap and Greater Uptown neighborhoods.  As part of this program, City plan check and building fees will be reduced by 25% for eligible projects requiring building permits.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The Project property must be owner-occupied.
  • The Project must be located in one of the four zones in the Residential Façade Improvement Program Target Areas (click HERE to see map and eligible dates).
  • The Project must enhance the  façade, (any side of the home facing a public street). The total cost for the Project must be a minimum of $5,000.
  • The Property Owner must submit a completed application and complete the approval process prior to beginning the Project.
  • Confirm eligibility HERE!

Eligible Improvements May Include:

  • Painting
  • Plastering or stucco work
  • Wood, brick treatments or composite siding
  • Replacement of deteriorated or inefficient windows
  • Removing or repairing awnings
  • Installation of shutters and trim
  • Installation of doors or entrances
  • Installation of fencing, gates and lighting
  • Installation of gutter and downspout repair/replacement
  • Installation of exterior lighting
  • Installation of landscaping and irrigation; including pavers, walkways, trees, shrubs and landscape lighting
  • Removal of roof mounted air conditioner and installation of ground floor air conditioner, not visible from the street