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RESOURCES & TOOLSTools for Business Success

Only 19% of small business owners use business planning. And 19% of small businesses survive at the end of each year. Coincidence? Business planning doesn’t guarantee success; however, most people wouldn’t think of building a house without a set of building plans. It’s the same situation with the creation of a business plan before starting your business. While you might think that you can keep everything in your head, your results are likely to be disappointing.

The business plan process helps you think through all parts of your business, establish a solid foundation, and puts you in a position for business growth. The parts of the business plan that you can’t do or are hard for you are the areas where you need professional help. A plumber building his own house hires experts in roofing and other unknown areas – You need to approach your business the same way. Learning how to develop a business plan and many other small business resources for success can be found on the City’s Tools for Business Success web page.

Tools for Business Success is a continually updated website of information for your business. Business owners and potential entrepreneurs can find:

  • Sources for Support and Free Counseling
  • Local, Regional, State, and Federal Business Loan and Funding Programs …all in one place
  • Business Certifications… to compete for new government contracts
  • Federal & State Contracts…open for bid
  • How to Go Green
  • Disaster Planning and Recovery Assistance
  • International Trade and Going Global
  • Training Programs…for owners and employees
  • A New-Hire Email… to save hours of time
  • Marketing and Selling Resources
  • Buying Locally

And much, much more… over 600 links to business assistance and information, including links to local requirements and resources!